Turku Science Fiction Society (TSFS) is the oldest (founded in 1976) science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction society in Finland.

Its members receive the quarterly magazine Spin and have the right to borrow books from the society's science fiction and fantasy library. They also get membership discounts in various shops around Turku and in events organised by the society.

TSFS's activities are mainly held in Terrakoti, an office located right next to the University of Turku. TSFS shares the office with five other societies:

  • Science Fiction Culture Cabinet at The University of Turku (Tutka)
  • Turku University's Role and Strategy Playing Society (Tyrmä)
  • Turku Anime and Manga Society Senpai
  • Academic Nintendo Club (ANC)
  • Föreningen för underliga intressen vid Åbo Akademi (FUI).
  • TSFS also has close ties to the Finnish Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (FSFWA).

    TSFS actively participates in the Finnish fandom. It grants the annual Atorox Award for the best Finnish science fiction or fantasy short story published in the previous year. In addition, TSFS and FSFWA are in charge of organising Nova, an annual short story contest.

    Interested in our activities or want to join in? Then don't hesitate to contact us.